Eradication of jiggers

FORMER Miss Kenya Cecilia Mwangi is all but “passionate” about jiggers and wants to see all the affected leading a better life.

The ex-beauty queen says that the fight against the jigger menace in the country should stop at nothing less than total eradication. She adds that her passion towards the campaign is always driven by her desire to see that nobody suffers from the menacing jigger-infestation.

“I would like to see all those children, who are suffering back in the villages, live like my own kid in Nairobi. We still have a long way to go but the progress we have seen is so encouraging and that’s why I have become so passionate about what we are doing. It’s all about making a positive change,” she said.

Miss World Kenya 2010 – Natasha Metto was the first Beauty Queen to win “Beauty with Purpose Crown” during Miss World Competition held in Sanya – China in October 2010. This was due to her collaboration with Cecilia Mwangi in eradication of jiggers. This prompted the visit to Kenya by Miss World 2010 Alexandria Mills, Miss World president Julia Morley and other dignitaries to present the award of 10,000 US$ that went to help fight the jigger menace in parts of the country. Miss World Kenya 2005, Cecilia Mwangi Prominently known as The Anti-Jigger ambassador, whereby she started a jigger eradication campaign where thousands of individuals have been treated.

During this historic visit Miss World team visited those affected by jiggers in Mathira in Nyeri County.

Anti-jigger campaign at Mathira by Cecilia Mwangi