Chantou Kwamboka – My Tadoba

Kenya had a total of 329 tigers according to a report from 2023.

False. I just made that up.

India on the other hand has 3,167+ surviving wild tigers, 70% of the world’s population facing the threat of extinction from the Human-Tigers conflict.

The Tadoba festival, took place from 1st-3rd March, in Maharashtra serves as a humble reminder to the bodies dedicated to protecting the forest and its inhabitants, we are on the verge of wiping off a big cat of the face of earth.

To help you understand, the conflict between humans and tigers is as a result of encroachment into their natural habitat by human settlers. These habitats serve as their hunting grounds. Wirh lesser hosts, the big cats in turn prey on Human livestock, source of conflict.

This is my humble call to Indians and the forest reserve bodies, SAVE THE TIGER.

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