Beauty With A Purpose Projects


I knew that real impact required more than just words and online…

Visit to the Indian Army Wives Association at Manekshaw Centre Zorawar Hall

It was such an honour to be in the same room with such powerful…

Chantou Kwamboka – My Tadoba

Kenya had a total of 329 tigers according to a report from 2023. False.…

Beauty with a purpose Gala and Talent finals

The heart and soul of Miss World; Beauty with a Purpose. This…
Miss World Kenya 2019 - 2022 Maria Wavinya (Heels for pads)

Heels for pads

Project by: Maria Wavinya (Miss World Kenya 2019-2021)
Activism against widow cleansing - a project by Miss World Kenya Finali Galaiya

Activism against widow cleansing

Project by: Finali Galaiya (Miss World Kenya 2018)
Activism against FGM a beauty with a purpose project by Evelyn Njambi

Activism against FGM

Project by: Evelyn Njambi (Miss World Kenya 2016)
Baby Kanana Cleft operation

Smile train

Project by: Idah Nguma (Miss World Kenya 2014)
Anti-jigger campaign at Mathira by Cecilia Mwangi

Eradication of jiggers

Project by: Cecilia Mwangi (Miss World Kenya 2005)