Beauty with a purpose Gala and Talent finals

The heart and soul of Miss World; Beauty with a Purpose. This night was something else. We got to dig deeper into the projects of ten phenomenal ladies doing splendid work in their countries. It was a humbling moment that brought laughter smiles and tears.

I’m grateful for this platform that empowers us to have a voice and give back to those in need in our communities.

The talent finals presentations was such an entertainment . Each and every performance was expressed with passion, skill and talent. All they finalists deserved it and the jury surely had a hard time.

It’s such an honour to be in this forum with such phenomenal, talented and impactful women and I keep on learning every single day.

It was an immense pleasure to have a hug with the awe-inspiring Julia Morley, CBE, the founder of this amazing platform that empowers women. I look forward to more and more hugs JEM

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