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I knew that real impact required more than just words and online activism. It necessitated tangible action and a hands-on approach. Becoming Miss World Kenya 2022/23 was the realization of a dream, but it was also the beginning of a profound journey—one driven by a deep-seated commitment to make a difference. My Beauty with a […]

Chantou Kwamboka – My Tadoba

Kenya had a total of 329 tigers according to a report from 2023. False. I just made that up. India on the other hand has 3,167+ surviving wild tigers, 70% of the world’s population facing the threat of extinction from the Human-Tigers conflict. The Tadoba festival, took place from 1st-3rd March, in Maharashtra serves as […]

Beauty with a purpose Gala and Talent finals

The heart and soul of Miss World; Beauty with a Purpose. This night was something else. We got to dig deeper into the projects of ten phenomenal ladies doing splendid work in their countries. It was a humbling moment that brought laughter smiles and tears. I’m grateful for this platform that empowers us to have […]


The first-ever African launch of L’Oreal’s Absolut Repair Molecular Range was a historic moment for the beauty industry, and I am grateful to have been a part of it. As we continue to push boundaries and challenge conventions, let us remember that beauty knows no bounds—and that true beauty lies in confidence, self-love, and empowerment. […]

Sports Day Finals

Sports Day was super fun. A little stretch was necessary at this point of the competition. Team Yellow, the African team was very competitive. Congratulations to Team Blue for your win.

Farewell Dinner by the Ashok Hotel

Got a dive into the Indian culture and Indian cuisine last night at the Ashok Hotel. The staff was so kind and your reception was lovely. Thank you so much. Looking forward to another stay-inn soon

Congrats Martinique, Top Model Winner

The Top Model Competition raised a lot of anxiety and reactions all over the World as countries watched keenly, cheering on their delegates. Congratulations Martinique, congratulations once more. Rate my outfits for the night. 1-10