Ashleys Kenya Limited has built a solid reputation as one of the most innovative private sponsor and franchise holder of Miss World Kenya Pageant. The Miss World Kenya Title is a brand of its own and has a heritage of 50 years this means it shares a similar and twin journey and heritage with our beloved country Kenya. When Kenya got independence in 1963, we also celebrated the crowning of our very first Miss Uhuru (Miss Kenya) which was won by Mrs. Elizabeth Madoka.

Because of our unrivaled success in this field we were awarded the Prestigious Miss World franchise in 2002 and have been a catalyst and element of change and the society has felt our impact.

Miss World Beauty is the oldest pageant of our time and was founded in 1951 on the principal of Charity and giving back to the society, it brings nations of the world together promoting unity and togetherness among over 140 countries who participate every year, Kenya being one of them.

In addition to unity, it plays a role in raising awareness about challenges facing the world such as poverty, disease and conflict while promoting the various cultures of individual countries.

Miss World is like no other pageant as it promotes not only outer beauty but inner beauty and hence the tagline of “Beauty with a purpose”. This is the category that sets apart Miss World franchise from all other franchises in the world, it emphasizes on beauty with brains which is an aspect that enables participants to make an impact and change the lives of those in their immediate society.

In the last 15 years Ashleys Kenya Limited together with other sponsors, has been able to conduct successful pageants every year to find a Kenyan representative for Miss World. The event is an international showcase of talent, culture and world cohesion, its the second largest event in the world in terms of Countries participating (140) after the World Cup.

The Miss World Kenya Title is a brand of its own and many people are synonymous with it owing to the fact that the organization and its previous holders have done a lot of amazing and life changing projects that have touched and improved many lives.

Amongst the many other beauty and pageantry contested titles, Miss World Kenya stands on a league of its own; it has given a livelihood to many young girls through creating job opportunities locally and internationally.