Beauty With A Purpose

Miss World is the oldest running international pageant which promotes outer beauty as well as inner beauty thus dubbed “Beauty With A Purpose”. The pageant emphasizes on beauty with brains which enables the participant to make an impact in their lives and those in their immediate society

Current title holders

2020 – 2021

Miss world was launched in 1951 and since its launch it has contributed to charity and giving back to the society, the Miss World franchise is in more than 100 countries by bringing nations of the world together hence promoting togetherness and unity among the countries that participate in the pageant Kenya being one of them.

Ashleys Kenya Ltd. is the franchise holder of Mr. and Miss World Kenya Pageant which was awarded in 2002 which marks 18years. Together with other sponsors Ashley’s Kenya Ltd. has been able to conduct successful pageants every year to find a representative for Miss World and since then it has attracted over 1000 participants drawn from all over the 47 counties in the country.

Maria Wavinya Miss World Kenya 2019-2021

Miss World Kenya

Maria Wavinya


Mr. World Kenya

Franklyn Asoyo

Mr. and Miss World Kenya 2021

Part of our inspiration for the transition is in honor of the 10th anniversary of Wangari Maathai’s death.

In addition, as an organization, we are committing to plant over 3000 trees, 1 for every student and staff within our organization.

Our overarching aim is to support efforts geared towards the reduction of pollution and eliminating wastage while maintaining the natural ecological balance on earth so that all living things can thrive in their natural habitat.

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Competing in the Mr & Miss World Kenya pageant can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. It is a platform that brings out the best in the ladies and gentlemen who participate and focuses on personal confidence that has helped previous contestants to pursue careers in Airline companies, Advertising, Media, Fashion, Medicine and even Entrepreneurship, it has been a source of job and wealth creation for more than five thousand young ladies and gentlemen.

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Past Sponsors and Partners

The Franchise

ASHLEYS KENYA LTD was incorporated in 1994 and comprises of 12 Beauty Centres and 4 Training Academies. The success of our company lies in the continuous endeavors of adopting new methodologies in Cosmetology so as to remain abreast with the dynamic customer needs. These are combined with professionalism, creativity, intelligence and attractive working environment, excluding the very best ambiance for our self esteemed clients and Loyal staff member.