Join Us for the Grand Finale of Mr. and Miss World!

Mark your calendars for an unforgettable evening on 6th July 2024 at the prestigious Two Rivers Mall.
Witness the crowning of the world’s most extraordinary talents and beauty in a spectacular show filled with glamour, elegance, and breathtaking performances.

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The Return of Mr. World Kenya
Celebrating Excellence and Culture

In a thrilling resurgence of talent, culture and excellence, Mr. World Kenya has made a resounding return to the forefront of the nation’s consciousness. This prestigious competition, dedicated to showcasing the best of Kenyan men on an international stage, has captured hearts and minds with its captivating display of style, charisma and purpose.

Mr. World Kenya represents far more than a traditional beauty pageant. It serves as a platform for Kenyan men to embody grace, intelligence and cultural pride. Contestants are not only judged on their physical attributes but also on their ability to communicate, inspire and represent Kenya’s rich heritage.

In essence, the return of Mr. World Kenya is not merely a competition—it’s a movement. It’s about honoring heritage, embracing diversity and empowering men to become catalysts for positive change. As the legacy of Mr. World Kenya unfolds, it will undoubtedly inspire generations to come, shaping a future where talent, character and culture converge on the world stage.

Beauty With A Purpose

Miss World is the oldest running international pageant. Launched in 1951, the core tenant of the pageant is a call to action that goes beyond outer beauty but how your beauty can be a platform for change, thus dubbed “Beauty With A Purpose”. The heart of the pageant is what impact can participants have on the lives of their community. Mr and Miss World Kenya aims to embody this in all our actions and our goal is to find the next role model for the next generation.

Current title holders

2022 – 2024

Maria Wavinya Miss World Kenya 2019-2021

Miss World Kenya

Chantou Kwamboka

Mr World Kenya 2022 - Franklyn Asoyo

Mr. World Kenya

Franklyn Asoyo

THEME: A Crown of Impact

  • This year Miss World Kenya will be commemorating 50 years of its existence under the theme dubbed ‘‘A Crown of Impact.’’
  • Each year, the pageant seeks to acknowledge a contestant who has made valuable contribution to charitable organizations and/or communities prior to entering the competition.
  • A core tenet of the MWK Franchise is the commitment to Beauty with A purpose and a fundamental need to give back to the underserved communities in a myriad of spheres.

The Franchise

ASHLEYS KENYA LTD brought the first executive barbershops, coiffures and spas to Kenya. Since 1994 we have been revolutionizing the beauty industry by offering our clients executive services through Ashleys Beauty Centres, and Ashleys Cosmetics Shops. We have over 20 branches across the country and 4 campuses that train and equip students under our mantra, “ you can only be a professional if professionals train you!”